Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Adventures!

I hope everyone's Christmas was most glorious. I know mine was! Just thought I'd share some moments of this past Christmas just in case you were wondering how we celebrate!

The big deal (food wise) is on Christmas eve where my family makes pork in a most extensive way.  We usually just marinate it with mojo (pronounced moho) a few days before, however this year my Abuelo was feeling most adventurous and so he decided to make it himself....
Mojo ingredients!

 Abuelo and his cooking skills! 

  Lots and lots and lots of garlic! 

 My sister = expert juicer

I finally found a solution to not weeping when cutting onions. Works like a charm.
This then sat for 3 days until Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve the pork goes in the oven for 3 hours (basting every 1.5 hours)

All done!
Meanwhile the rest of the grub is assembled.
Black Beans and RICE!!

Yucca (Just yucca, garlic, and lard. Yes, lard.)


Crescent Rolls

and finally Kool-Aid

Yum Yum!

I didn't help at all with the preparation of this meal. Why? Because I am a procrastinator and was working on my mother's Christmas gift.  Don't judge me. 

But no worries. I finished!... ish
But once everyone sat down we had fun with table pictures and dug in.

 " No one look at the camera!"
 The "start eating and freeze" classic.

Fast forward to Christmas.  I'm an early bird. So naturally I make everyone (save for my dad who gets up earlier than me) wake up at 7. No exceptions.  Once my dad set off the fire alarm to wake everyone up.  We mean business folks.

Presents are separated and the ceremony begins.

Yay for huge stockings and crazed expressions!
All in all I loved all my gifts. It was a great day for gaming as well. Couldn't be happier.

Oh and my sister got me this.... I LOVE HER. 

Well that's all! Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season! 

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Cookie Week Day 7 - Biscotti

Oh hey look the final day of Christmas Cookies! Are you sad? Don't be, just make more Lace Cookies and you'll forget all your griefs.  
Or you could make the final cookie recipe, Biscotti! This is my dad's staple. He is a pro biscotti maker, no joke. 
Plus nothing more Christmas than opening presents with a cup of hot cocoa (or joe) and a couple of biscottis.  So make them! Your family will love you even more!
 Nothing too crazy here, salt, flour, sugar, almonds, eggs, anise extract, anise seeds and baking powder.
 First things first, crush up some seeds.
 Then mix with anise extract and let sit for ten minutes... The smell is intoxicating. 
 Next mix the flour, sugar, baking powder, almonds and salt in a bowl.
 After the ten minutes whisk in the eggs with a metal whisk... the recipe was very very specific.
 All done! Looks like honey mustard! But it doesn't smell like it.
 Mix in the flour with a wooden spoon (also very specific). It'll get tough. You'll probably want to give up.  But keep on keeping on. It'll be worth it.
 Then form into logs and place in the oven!
 Now I forgot to take pictures of when you take out the logs and cut it up to then toast the bottoms of each slice... But meh you get the idea!

Finally, with all cookies you may have made you can put together a nice little cookie basket to give away! That's why I did so I wouldn't scarf down the whole lot of them. Good call.

So all in all, whether you decided to make none of the cookies or all of the cookies, I hope you enjoyed this special little Christmas Cookie adventure I embarked on. And with that I wish you and the everyone else a very Merry Christmas.  If you don't happen to celebrate Christmas then instead I wish you a most wonderful holiday season!

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