Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Big Day

So it's finally Warped Tour day. 

Being the little anti-social bugger that I am, saying I'm apprehensive about today is a smidgen of an understatement.

But I'll trooper through. And if I'm not too tired/burned/dehydrated/whatever else happens when you are in the Arizona sun for 8 hours, I'll write and upload some pictures of the awesome bands I see, the ridiculous amounts of people I avoid, and maybe, if you're lucky, some shots of me freaking out. 

Stay posted!

Oh and if you yourself are going to Warped Tour, just remember to hydrate! Because if you pass out near me, there is a pretty good chance I'll try to catch you and I promise I will unavoidably make that the most awkward experience of your life.

Monday, June 25, 2012

9B or not 9B, That is the Question.

Every so often I get the urge to draw something. It's never anything museum worthy but it relaxes me (somewhat) and takes my mind off of pretty much everything, so I enjoy it.

Now to clarify what I mean by "drawing", I only draw with pencil in black and white. Color scares me, and whatever I draw has to come from a picture, or a comic, so I can't think, 'oh I want to draw a kangaroo riding a dolphin' unless of course there was a picture of such a thing. 

For the longest time I refused to use anything but a mechanical pencil, and what more, it could only have the normal lead, or graphite if you want to be technical.

Back in high school I was in art class and my teacher was beyond frustrated with this fact and threatened to grab a sharpie and streak the part of my drawing that was suppose to be the darkest black.

Never ever threaten to sharpie someone's drawing. If pysche's could cry, mine wept.

However, that did push me and 4 years later I'm happy to say that I bought a 9B pencil, the darkest a pencil can get, and it looks fabulous.

Here is a drawing done purely with mechanical pencil. It is alright. 
Note that the background is no different than the shading on the Riddler's face, tie, etc. Plus the pencil strokes, for lack of a better term, are awkwardly obvious. It does bother me. 
Then BAM. Introducing 9B. Be still my beating heart.
Look at that black! It is intense and bold and what contrast!
Why was I so afraid of this 9B? 
Here is a comparison of the 9B background and the purely mechanical pencil background.
Whoa.  Sorry for the weird glare, but you still get how crazy a difference this is.
Why was I so afraid to color darker?!

There is a pretty good chance I'll go back and fix this Batman themed picture (more specifically from the Hush series). Or maybe not. I have a tendency to find flaws every time I return to a past drawing. It's a BIG drawback. 

Haha, drawback. Get it? 

Ahem. So now I can finally say, 

Thank you Mrs.(Dr.) Leggett. (high school sharpie wielder)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Traveling in the World of My Creation...

They say you can learn a lot about someone from their search history.

And if they don't say that, they certainly should. 

Well to help better understand me I thought I'd share my history (more specifically my phone google search history) for all the world to view. Don't judge me.

And with that said the 5 most recent search items (in order of most recent)...

1. "Pure Imagination" Willy Wonka
In case you didn't notice the title of this post is a line from the pure imagination song featured in the 1971 Gene Wilder featured Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I wasn't sure if I had the lyric right so I researched it. I was correct. 
Take away message: I love this movie.

2. London Olympics
I don't really want to indulge in the full reason why I looked it up. I don't want to jinx it. The number 1/50 is involved. I'll stop with the suspense in a couple weeks. Until then nothing.
Take away message: GAH!

3. Checkers' Menu
For the past forever/2 weeks I have been CRAVING Checkers'. For those on the west coast that equates to Rally's. I refuse to go to Rally's however. How can I be sure those famous Checkers' fries are the same as Rally's? I can't. 
Take away message: There can only be one.

4. Loki Quotes
Over a month has passed since Avengers hit the big screen and I still am overly obsessed with it. Especially Loki. I have found that merely reading Avenger quotes doesn't cause me to behave as ridiculously as I do when I watch the film, so I read a lot of quotes. A LOT.
Take away message: This is my bargain, you mewling quim!

5. McDonalds Happy Meal Toys Pokemon
McDonalds has Pokemon Black/White toys in their happy meal. A fact which I discovered this past Sunday. 6 toys and 12 pokemon cards available. I just wanted to know how long this little promotion would be running so I could have a strategy other than eat happy meals for a month.
Take away message: I'll be eating happy meals for every meal for a month.

And there you have it. A glimpse into the searching mind of yours truly. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warped Tour Update!

Know what one of my all time favorite things ever is?
 Getting mail! Well mail that is addressed specifically to me, and isn't a bill, or an advertisement, or anything political. Just good ol' fashioned mail for me.
 Plus I've been waiting for this, hopefully the Arizona heat didn't ruin the CD's. Oh how I would rage.
 Warped Tour is just over a week away for all us Arizonians. I'm pretty excited/terrified for my first Warped Tour and I am praying it won't be record heat that day. Fingers Crossed. 

In case you are wondering why I purchased two tickets for myself, I didn't, it's a ticket for my sister and I! 

Expect more frantic posts about this in the near future.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Forever Young

Today while grocery shopping with my mother, we stumbled upon some liquor filled chocolate. Plus they were a steal for only a buck so we thought why not? And so we grabbed a box.
When we got to the cashier and put the groceries on the belt, the cashier rang up the chocolates, made a comment on how fast they were selling then looked at both my mother and I and then said to my mother, " I assume these are for you?"
By this I (obviously) take it that she thought I was much younger than 21.  I love moments like this. It makes me feel much less concerned with my aging body.
When we walked out of the store I asked my mother just how old she would guess I was, if I wasn't her child.  She said "hmmm, 15 maybe 16"
Thank goodness my looks betray my age. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Leather Weather

Let me set the scene for this post...

1. I've always loved leather jackets. They just scream epic. And I want to be epic.
2. After watching the Avengers (multiple times) and seeing Captain America strut about in his leather jacket, I realized super heroes wear leather jackets. And I want to be a super hero.

That being said, I got this jacket recently and I must say, it is my favorite article of clothing by far.
Now living in Arizona during summer means absolutely no leather and no jackets of any kind. Heck even wearing pants is stretching it. It is hot here. Very very hot.

Now I tried wearing the jacket inside and proclaimed that I would pass out before I took it off. 

I lasted 10 minutes. Sigh.

I can't wait for leather weather.  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden - 3 Month Update

I know it has been a while since I posted about my garden, simply because I haven't been in town at the same time as my camera, which results in no post. 

But yay for remembering my camera and taking pictures! Things are doing swimmingly well, even in the atrocious Arizona heat.
First and foremost, due to the unrelenting sun I had to put some shade up, I opted for this green mesh, it still allows some sunlight in, and of course air, so it drops the temperature in the garden by at least 10 degrees. Plus the sun isn't beating down on the poor plants all day. Definitely a must for summer gardening.
 So to start off, I planted some jalapano seeds and this bad boy popped up! As you'll see I started making wells for the plants to allow for a much more concentrated watering and it just makes life so much easier. 
 Here is another jalapeno that popped up! It is growing crazy fast! Now I can't eat anything spicy, I just can't handle it. Still, should a jalapeno grow on my plant you bet your bottom dollar I'll eat it. I just have to.
Remember the tiny yellow bell pepper plant I bought and placed in the ground? Well look how big it is now! Already at the top of the wire thingy! It even has some beautiful flowers starting up! So excited. Now if you are wondering why some of the leaves are droopy it's because they hadn't been watered in a few days. There was nothing I could do about this. It broke my heart.
 My herbs are doing fabulous too! The parsley came out and just smells absolutely divine. 
 The thyme is also doing amazing! It is so bushy and lovely. Oh thyme. 
 Now the oregano just exploded in the garden. Luscious doesn't even begin to describe this herb. I've had to stop myself from laying on it like a pillow. Oh I just can't get over it. Beautiful.  
 Now the cilantro last week was fresh and made its side of the garden smell like salsa. Unfortunately by the time I got to it this week, it had died. But not from lack of care, it's what cilantro does after it seeds, and if you notice the ground is covered in seeds. My next cilantro crop is going to be epic. 
 Now I planted basil back a few months ago but surprisingly had no growth! After re-seeding these little guys came up. They are my garden babies and I love them so much.
 Ah and we come to my favorite part of the garden. My tomato patch. "I've got tomatoes and I'm betting on me!" I've already confessed that as soon as these guys get nice and tall I'm going to re-enact the heart aching passing of Vito Corleone. Just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. Sigh.
 Speaking of tears, I pulled this onion out of the garden! Baby onion! I ate it up too. Well panini grilled it with Kelsey then ate it up. I was proud.

So there you have it. Things can grow in a desert.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Last Unicorn

I embarked on an adventure a couple weeks ago where I watch this movie called The Last Unicorn. I'd never seen it, heck I never even knew it existed until Kelsey mentioned watching it again a while back. She warned me this movie was weird... VERY weird, but I had already hit play so here I go.

1. Unicorn's voice
My first reaction: WHAT IN THE?! Definitely a creepy voice. What is that. Why does it sound like that? That doesn't sound dainty, or magical, or awesome. It sounds disgustingly creepy. Blegh, this is gonna be a long movie.

2. Theme Song/ First Song
Really? I swear this song will be stuck in my head for the next 5 days. UGH. 

3. Butterfly
I would swat that bug flat in a second. Pickle-faced? Did he really just say pickle-faced? What is going on? 

 4. Witch and Gang
How does the unicorn sleep through their loud takings? Seriously now. And why was she just sleeping by the road? Naive. Ew  and all their creepy little freak show animals. Especially the harpy. No me gusta. 

5. The Tree- you know which one
What. Is. Happening. Who thought of this? Why? 

6. Unicorn Girl
Is she naked? Why is no one offering any clothes. A coat. A shirt. Something. Gracious that's no good.  Also, ungrateful little girl. 'OH NOOO I'm a human, I can feel my body dying!!' Oh please. Calm down. And singing unicorn voice is odd and very vibrato-y. Make it stop.

7. Prince Boy
Oh my. I smell a romance starting.  How will it turn out!? 

8. Pirate Cat
"purr. purr. do that. that be nice." Are you kidding me? Why is there a pirate cat? And how come this middle-aged lady can talk to all these different creatures? 

9. Skeleton
I'm 72 minutes in and I just thought to myself, is there a point to all this? Oh looks like we got ourselves a wino skeleton. WOW. This just gets better and better. Oh and he blushes. Makes sense. 

10. "I love who I love"
Pretty sure that is illegal. Everywhere.Some of these undertones are just too far.

Moral of this movie: Unicorns are pansies. Out of the hundreds of unicorns that were chilling in the ocean they couldn't decide to kick some red bull butt? No. It took one confused heart broken unicorn. 

And they couldn't have done it any creepier. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Best Friends Forever Show

Way back in... let's say March a show called Best Friends Forever came out. I had seen a preview for it and it looked funny and I wanted to check it out because with a name like Best Friends Forever my first thought was, I wonder if it's as funny/awkward as when Kelsey and I hang out

Well, being terrible at remembering things, I forgot when it aired and it was only while I was surfing Hulu that I found it. So I thought, why not?
I was not disappointed. I loved everything about the show. The crazy and awkward Jessica, the calm yet quirky Lennon, the sassy neighbor child Queeneta, the on-edge bartender Rav, and of course Lennon's nerdy and also quirky boyfriend Joe. I laughed the entire show and sent Kelsey no fewer than 10 text messages on how she needed to check this show out.
This clip in particular caused Kelsey and I to laugh hysterically, as well as watch it 15 times.
Every time we hang out we watch Best Friends Forever (fitting right?) and then we proceed to laugh for hours afterward about it. 

Now the sad news.  NBC decided to cancel the show. I could not be more disappointed. The show was awesome. The awkwardness of the situations Jessica and Lennon get themselves into was hysterical and I'm really disappointed to see it go off the air. There are six episodes out though to round out their season/series. I suggest you watch it, heck watch it with your best friend! You can watch it on either Hulu, or Enjoy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer Plans

Summer days, drifting away. To oh, oh the summer's night!

Yay summer is here! Don't read into the lyric above. It's just every time I see the word "summer" my mind goes immediately to that Summer Night song in Grease. I just love musicals.

Ahem. Anyways, my summer plans include the following, in random order:

1. Working/Finding a new job

2. Playing Video Games

3. Seeing the Avengers as many times as possible

4. Swimming/Tanning (note: by tanning I mean wearing 100SPF sunscreen, applying it every 30 minutes while under an umbrella and praying I don't burn)

5. Drawing... if I can ever get over my Loki disaster


7. MCAT taking/ Future figuring out

8. Camping and fishing and marshmallow roasting and fun times

Summer just started and I can already tell it is going to be way too short.