Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My True Love

You had to know this blog was coming. I've mentioned him before and now an actual introduction... I present to you, Remy.

Disclaimer: Now I am by no means a materialist. There's more to life than objects and materials.  That being said...

I absolutely love my car (sometimes referred to as Remy).  It's my 2012 Mustang (Race Red). The joy I feel when I know I'm about to drive is glorious. 

I've always loved Mustangs. For as long as I can remember I always wanted a Mustang ( I think it may have stemmed from my love of horses). It had to be red with black racing stripes and scoops! That's never changed. Ever. 
I have always had my sights set on a 1969, but when I saw the new 2012, I knew that had to be my first car. So away to the dealer I went. 
 Now this was the very first time I saw him... I turned the corner and couldn't stop smiling. The salesman knew I was hooked. I was practically drooling over the car, I mean look at that bad boy. Love at first sight. 
Plus I look bad ass with it. This is right before I signed the papers. I love red. Have I mentioned that before? 
Note: My camera is weak at times. It makes red=pink. I believe it's because it can't handle the awesome of Remy. Do you blame it?
Oh hey there. Just chilling in the street. Such a sight causes a most cheshire grin on my part. This was after the white stripes were removed from the sides. I believe that stripes should never been lighter than your car color... unless your car is black, otherwise I just don't like it. 

You may, or may not, have been wondering why the name Remy? Well, my beautiful Mustang is named after my favorite X-men ever. Nerd? Why yes, thank you. 
Here is my car's first encounter with rain! Aww! Have I mentioned I love my car?

I also recently bought some seat covers to ensure that everything stays in tip top shape on the inside. I bought them from Coverking so they fit, (say it in Ace Ventura's voice) LIKE A GLOVE!

Just beautiful.

Also I really think my car gets jealous. Of what? When I drive my sister's Camaro. 
But I always run out of her car and profess my hatred of the Camaro and my love of Mustangs, I'd hate for my car to decide to give out on me because I was a Chevy lover.

Are you judging me yet?

Friday, September 7, 2012


So back whenever Warped Tour was I mentioned a band, I Fight Dragons, who I said I quite fancied. And now I'm back to say I'm officially obsessed with them.
See I met them! And I look so sun-burnt in the face. What is a hat for!?
But not in the creepy way, just in the I have their album on repeat every single day from when I wake up to when I fall asleep. Well not quite but more or less.

Anywho, their album, KABOOM! is fantastic. Every song on it is simply perfect, it makes me smile, sing along and jam out. 

I have a three way tie for my favorite off this album:
1. The Geeks Will Inherit the Earth
2. Disaster Hearts
3. cRaZie$

But the rest of the album is still awesome! There is really nothing more to this post other than you should definitely check them out, be old school and buy a CD, and pass it along.

Seriously, you'll be happy you did.
This is their music video for Save World Get Girl. Hilarious and I LOVE it.
I had to control myself from posting all their videos. Simply wonderful.

I'm also checking out some of their earlier stuff and still love it all. Definitely found a new favorite band.