Sunday, February 3, 2013


I made it back from Paris and pictures are coming, bet your buns they are coming but first things first, I got really really sick.

The flu is rampant and of course I got it, then got a secondary bacterial infection, not sure what the infection is and quite honestly I'm just happy to not be sick anymore, I was going on a week of pure misery. It was rough. The worst part though, when I went to campus health. 

Shall I tell you my tale?

First things first, the last thing I want to do when I am sick is go out and be in public, so having to go to campus health was just draining in itself and add to that the people. It was then that I realized that there are three kinds of people in urgent care. THREE.

1. The receptionists
These women mean well, they are dealing with sick people and are trying not to get sick themselves but still that does not mean that the second one person coughs you give them the stink eye and them shame them to wear a mask. I was shamed. These women gave me the stink eye. They wanted me to "Speak Up!" when I clearly had NO voice. They also questioned my job status. Yes I am employed I promise I wasn't pulling one over you and yes I receive a paycheck every other week "Just like [you]!". Please receptionist, if I look miserable and sick just leave me be til I talk to a doctor.

2. The Pretty Ones
"Oh I'm so sick [pretty cough cough]". [Imagine me prettier and more peppy]
If you've ever been to college campus health you've run into these girls. They are "super sick" and yet look fabulous. Hair perfectly straightened, make-up so perfectly done, and outfit looks casual yet chic. And the receptionists love them, they pity their "sickness" and try to speed along the process. 

3. The Ugly Sick Ones (me)
When I get sick I get ugly sick. I don't look cute, I look utterly miserable, I look like every cell in my body has given up and has accepted the fate of dying. I get the receptionist stink eye and get shamed into wearing a mask. I just want to crawl up in a ball and await my fate. 

But at least I got my medicine and beat whatever the heck I had. I've decided I'll start taking a vitamin mix so that I never EVER have to deal with that again. 

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