Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Tale of a Rather Strange Child

Once upon a time I needed braces and so off to the orthodontist I went.Within a couple hours it was determined that I only needed to fix a slight overbite and that the braces would be off in a year. Just one year!

So on the way home I begged for braces, as it was of course only for one year! When I finally knew that I had convinced my parents that braces were a great idea I hid a pack of my favorite gum (Big Red) in my room as my treat for once I got my braces off... it made a lot more sense in my 6th grade mind.

Anyways one year passed and I still had my braces. Two years came and went. Now it's not like I refused to get them off. I loathed their very existence in my life but with my orthodontist changing three times that can cause some difference in opinion when it comes to the proper treatment. 

By the time I reached high school I still had my braces, but in the middle of my freshman year I got the go ahead to get those suckers off. This had been roughly 3.5/4 years. Have you ever had braces? Have you ever had braces for 4 years? It. Was. Terrible.

Back to the point of me being weird. Needless to say I forgot about my prize that I had hidden. Until one day while rearranging my room (this was right about my senior year) I found said gum. At that moment I remembered what it was like when I first got my braces off. The freedom. The joy. The awesomeness of it all. So I ripped the pack of Big Red open and after I got over the intense aroma of cinnamon I opened one of those gum pieces up and threw it in my mouth.

It was at this point that I realized Big Red is not made to last for that long. The gum turned to powder. Have you ever seen a movie where someone picks up and old artifact only to have it turn to dust in their hand? Yea that's what happened.

The moral of this story? When you are a weird kid you leave weird gifts for future you and that really makes you wish you could go back in time and just ask... Why?

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