Saturday, February 16, 2013

Furiously Heartbroken

So I've been planning on going to Comic Con this year. By planning I mean discussing what outfit I would make... scratch that, what outfits I would make, which panels I for sure would have to attend, what friends I would want to experience this with etc. 

So my day started off as I expected, woke up at 6 am and waited til 10. I was mostly alright for most of the morning. No anxiety, no worries, just really pumped.  I had the screen up with a local time clock for California so I was literally just sitting and watching time pass for 4 hours. But it would be worth it for comic con. Or so I thought.

As soon as the clock turned to 09:00:00 AM (which is 10 GMT time) I clicked the button and at first the page slowly loaded for a minute and a half then I got a time out error and my heart sunk. So I refreshed and clicked it again, this time after a minute and 15 seconds I got another time out error. So I tried again and instead got a blank white screen that said "This service is unavailable". Even now I still had some hope so I kept trying and trying but then at 10:10 I got the "We are sorry, but the EPIC online waiting room has reached capacity and it is unlikely that badges are still available. Please click here to return to the Comic-Con website.
If you were unable to purchase a badge today, please check our website frequently or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for important badge resale announcements later this year." And my heart broke. 

As illogical as it sounds I continued to refresh and attempted to call their service line but either got a busy signal or if it did dial, after 3 rings it would say that the number was not available. I am at a loss for what happened.  I did everything they said to do. I pushed the button at 10. I have fantastic internet speed and I just don't understand how some people were able to get in. Myself and friends had three computers up and clicked the button at 10 and none of us could get it.

So here it comes, the rant. 

What the hell Comic Con? You switch to this new online system (EPIC) to ensure customers get the best opportunity to get a badge but then the system crashes and you don't even mention it? You don't even acknowledge that the customer service line is a sham at best? Are you kidding me? How is this fair? I don't know what is most disappointing, the fact that I waited and foolishly believed it would be possible to get a badge or the fact that what you consider to be customer service is far from. To all the people who got a badge I don't want to hear it. I don't know what made your internet better than mine, or why EPIC let you into the waiting room and not me. I'm jealous and proud of it. And if anyone I follow on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram is one of these proud extremely lucky few, consider yourself de-friended. 

Rant over? No, this rant will never be over. I know how to hold a grudge. And I'm holding on it.

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